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"OGO+" - New Solutions for the Popular OGO!-Service


Ukrtelecom JSC is expanding the service range for OGO users. OGO+ package of offers is unique in Internet broadband access market in Ukraine. Even now OGO! users can  try free and use two key services enclosed to the packages OGO!PORTAL and OGO!AGENT.

OGO!PORTAL allows Ukrtelecom Internet users to make their own site (to 1 Gbyte) easy and fast (site could be extended to 5 Gbyte in future). This service will be helpful both for individual persons and customers involved in business, which they want to make more effective and profitable.

Individual photo gallery with access for relatives and friends is a very convenient option for individual users. Such individual site allows exchange of thoughts, ideas and observations with your site visitors and receiving any kind of messages from them.

For those involved in business such site offers a chance to communicate with their future customers/partners, to tell about their company, to present their products and services. While putting documents in a File directory you provide access to them from any computer connected to Internet significantly reducing all types of mailing (fax, e-mail) and protecting yourself from hard data devices.

Access to your site is available 24 hours, day and night and seven days per a week.

User does not need special knowledge to create a site as far as the service provides structuring and arrangement of a disk space for a news page, blog, photo gallery and data storage. Easy functions of “User catalogue” allow control of the site access: authorize and restrict site access, ban alterations and corrections, leave messages and get/store documents from/in the storage. Site addresses created in OGO!PORTAL are supported in the domain and the service also supports user addresses in other domains.

OGO!AGENT combines several convenient and advantageous offers for customers. OGO!AGENT user could speak free with the other OGO!AGENT users. Moreover, OGO!AGENT provides immediate data exchange between its users, messages about new mail in the Ukrpost mailbox, new visitors and new messages on the personal user’s site in OGO!PORTAL. Due to the Ukrtelecom powerful transport net the data exchange is high-speed and immediate.

The only things you need for OGO!AGENT are an audio card, headphones and a microphone.

The easiest way to order the both services is to enter the site and then –

Next year the Company is planning the extended commercial start of the OGO+ Project. Services package and their capabilities will be significantly widened. Ukrpost mailbox also will be included into the package, OGO!PORTAL sites will be of 5 Gbyte and the number of free calls to the Ukrtelecom fixed line telephones will grow.


OGO!-Service is a high-speed anytime access to Internet via ADSL fixed line.

The Company presented the OGO!-Service for the first time in  Kyiv in autumn, 2005 and in 2006 this service  became available to all the residents in Ukraine. The most users of the service are located in large regional centers and in Kyiv. Meanwhile, for a great number of users in community centers, towns and rural area OGO! is the only means of connection to the high-speed Internet.

Convenience of this service for Ukrtelecom subscribers is in availability of high-speed Internet and at the same time their fixed lines are free for telephone calls. Besides the OGO!-Service is offered in credit and the time in Internet is unlimited. Both the service payment and telephone bill payment are paid at the beginning of each next month. In addition our subscribers can independently apply to OGO! connection on the web-site and then control their own bills, choose and change their tariff plans.

This service is in demand because of its convenience, availability and high quality. Till the mid of October 2007 more than 170 thousand people subscribed to the OGO!-Service.

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