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Ukrtelecom Today

Ukrtelecom Joint Stock Company is one of the largest companies in Ukraine which provides a full range of telecommunication services in all regions of the country.

The company holds particularly strong position in the Internet and fixed telephony market. Ukrtelecom JSC is the leader of the fixed high-speed Internet access market and is dominant in the fixed telephony market.

Ukrtelecom JSC created the highest-capacity national data trunk network in Ukraine on the basis of modern DWDM technology which allows providing its customers with modern telecommunication services in almost all residential areas of Ukraine.

Ukrtelecom provides all kinds of advanced telecommunication services throughout Ukraine, namely:

  • international, long-distance and local telephony;
  • data transfer and VPN construction services;
  • Internet services, including Ukrtelecom Internet service, high-speed Internet access for the fixed telephony subscribers;
  • permanent IP-connection via dedicated line;
  • hardware and virtual hosting;
  • rent of non-switched dedicated telecom channels;
  • ISDN;
  • video-conference communication;
  • wire communication;
  • telegraphy;
  • UMTS/WCDMA mobile services (TriMob operator).


Ukrtelecom is a member (a shareholder) of a number of joint ventures and joint stock companies operating in the telecommunication market of Ukraine:

  • TriMob LLC (Ukraine's only operator that provides mobile communication services based on UMTS/WCDMA standards; share of the authorized fund constitutes 100%);
  • Ukrtel Global GmbH subsidiary (share of the authorized fund constitutes 100%);
  • Elsacom-Ukraine CJSC (mobile satellite communication in Globalstar system; 34% of shares are owned by Ukrtelecom);
  • Ukrayinska Khvylia JV  (Ukrainian Wave) (fixed wireless access; Ukrtelecom's share of the authorized fund constitutes 23.6%.
  • Telecominvest JSC (development and introduction of automated docflow systems; 26% of shares are owned by Ukrtelecom);
  • Svemon-Invest JSC (share of the authorized fund constitutes 1.12%);
  • Telesystems of Ukraine LLC (fixed wireless access; Ukrtelecom's share of the authorized fund constitutes 2.47%).

Mailing address: 18 Shevchenko blvd., Kyiv 01601, Ukraine.

On October 4, 2013 Ukrtelecom JSC became part of SCM Group.

Ukrtelecom JSC
Mail address: 18, Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine