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Data Services

Construction of MPLS-based virtual private networks

This service provides batch communication between offices under one administrative authority through Ukrtelecom MPLS network. The Company provides construction and operation of virtual private networks with random topology (including polygrid networks) based on public network infrastructure of Ukrtelecom.

Virtual Ethernet network arrangement (L2VPN) 

The service provides for transmission of all types of data with guaranteed quality via Ukrtelecom network with using any types of protocols through combining two or more interconnection points in data link layer (L2). At the same time, we provide the capability of independent control over traffic routing within our constructed network.

Virtual Ethernet-Network (L2VPN) service will contribute to better meet consumer needs of business network services consumers in data services. 

Dedicated communication channels

Dedicated voice-band channels and digital channels for transmission of various types of data between offices via fixed point-to-point connections.


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