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1000 minutes of calls every month:

  • 600 minutes of local calls*
  • 350 minutes of long-distance calls
  • 50 minutes of calls to mobile numbers

*For hourly billing of calls

Services and charges cities and raion centers villages and urban-type settlements
with hourly billing of local calls without hourly billing of local calls with hourly billing of local calls without hourly billing of local calls
Monthly subscription fee includes:
54.00/60,00* 56.40/66,00*
44.40/50,40* 46.80/57,60*
· local calls
600 minutes unlimited  600 minutes unlimited
· long-distance calls
 350 minutes  

 50 minutes
Local calls exceeding the limit, per minute
 0.054   0.031 
Long-distance calls exceeding the limit, per minute  0.43   
calls to subscribers of Ukrainian mobile operators, per minute

* Effective as of 06.10.2015 on the basis of the decision 455 as of 02.09.2015 of the National Commission for State Regulation of communications and informatization approving the maximum tariffs for public telecommunications services


1. The plan for subscribers of local telephony network of Ukrtelecom who use the main telephone connected to a private line.

2. The plan is available from 27.08.2014. Minimum duration – till 30.09.2014. Rates are given in UAH including VAT.

3. Accounting and billing of telephone calls are made on per-second basis.

4. Other services not included in the list of services provided by the plan are provided according to technical feasibility and are paid for under the current rates for additional local telephony services, additional long-distance and international telephony services, and Maximum rates for public telecommunications.

5. When installing or disconnecting the main telephone or changing a plan the subscription fee is charged in proportion to the number of days of the fixed telephony service activity under the Basic plan in the current calendar month (billing period).

6. When installing the main telephone or choosing fixed telephony services at the Basic plan  the subscriber is provided with the limit in full amount of non-rated seconds, regardless of the number of days remaining until the end of the current calendar month (billing period).

7. The limit unused during the current calendar month cannot be used in the following calendar month.

8. The subscription fee for the telephone installation complies with the current Maximum rates for public telecommunications services.

Learn about telephone installation conditions and activation of the Basic plan in Ukrtelecom Sales and Service Offices or on our website.

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