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Wi-Fi for everyone

Wi-Fi for everyone is broadband wireless Internet access using Wi-Fi technology in the Ukrtelecom hotspots (in airports, train stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.).


Wi-Fi (an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity) is one of the formats of digital data transfer over a radio channel, which is used to connect to the Internet. To provide the Internet access in Wi-Fi zones (hotspots) the access points are set up. The technology provides a guaranteed connection with the access point at a distance of 50-100 meters (primary service zone depends on the characteristics of the hotspot premises) and can simultaneously support up to ten active users.

To connect to the Internet through wireless network user devices (laptops, netbooks, PDAs, smartphones, etc.) must be equipped with an adapter of the 802.11 b/g standard. Modern laptop computers, telephones often have a built-in adapter. If there is no such adapter an external adapter (USB, PCMCIA for laptops) or option module (CompactFlash cards for PDAs) is used.

To use wireless Internet in public hotspots of Ukrtelecom the user must enter their username and password on the sign in page, then Internet connection is established in accordance with prices and specification of the ordered product offering.

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