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Procedure for Receiving Requests for Interconnection of Operators

To improve the fulfillment of conditions of the NCRC Resolution No. 155, dated 08.12.2005, Ukrtelecom JSC introduced changes to the procedure of receiving requests for interconnection of operators, namely:

  • All Operators’ requests for interconnection are received and considered centrally.
  • To create a level playing field for all Operators regardless of their location and to avoid controversial issues there is a possibility of electronic registration of requests for interconnection.

From now on, after the publication of the Catalog on the official website of NCRC, the Operators have the possibility to register the request for interconnection by sending it to a single e-mail address: 

An e-mail request should contain the following information:

  • name of the Operator;
  • number of license;
  • number of the offer from the Catalog;
  • required interconnection capacity (quantity of E1);
  • number of license for the numbering capacity use;
  • authorized person and contact number.

Electronic registration of the e-mail requests sets the priority of the Operators for interconnection. The time when an e-mail was received will be taken into account while examining the requests for interconnection if there are requests from other operators for the same offer.

Electronic request must be confirmed by the Operator within seven working days via formal written request for interconnection with the provision of full information in accordance with article 5 of the NCRC Resolution No. 155, dated 08.12.2008 (as amended), to the registered address:

Ukrtelecom JSC: 18 Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, Kyiv 01601. Documents attached to the written request must be sent by mail addressed to the Chairman of the Board of Ukrtelecom JSC.

If the written request is not received within the set period, the registration is considered invalid.

The branches of Ukrtelecom JSC do not register requests for interconnection. Written requests for interconnection regarding the Catalog of offers-2009, which are sent directly to the branches, will be registered by the date of their coming to the registered address of Ukrtelecom JSC.

If you have any questions please call us: 0 (44) 234-99-19.

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