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For National IP-Telephony Operators

The routine way for National IP telephony operators to subscribe the VoIP service for termination of international and long-distance telephone traffics offered by Ukrtelecom JSC is as follows:

  1. The company-applicant submits a written application of optional form addressed to the Deputy Chairman of the Board on Marketing and Sales requesting the “Voice IP traffic Termination at PSTN” service.
  2. The following set of documents should be attached to the letter:
    • copy of the license for business activity (international and/or long-distance telephone services based on IP telephony only);
    • valid certificate for equipment scheduled by the company for application;
    • legal address;
    • identification paper of a company-applicant representative signing a telecommunication service agreement;
    • information about own subscriber network (fixed-line users, SIP phone users, etc.).
  3. After the submitted documents have been considered Ukrtelecom JSC issues and sends to the company-applicant the Ukrtelecom JSC specifications for the service (termination of international and/or long-distance telephone traffics with the VoIP technology).
  4. Ukrtelecom JSC develops the telecommunication service draft agreement on termination of international and/or long-distance telephone traffics in the telecommunication network of Ukraine (service payment terms inclusive) and sends it to the company-applicant. Payment for the services provided is grounded on the advance basis.
  5. The Parties approve the agreement text (on working meetings, by official correspondence, E-mail and fax communication) and sign it.
  6. The company-applicant sends filled Provider’s Card (Annex 3 to specifications) via fax and mail to Ukrtelecom JSC and data on assumed traffic volume in technical minutes per month (in regard to ABC codes and NDC mobile network access codes).
  7. After the information has been obtained (refer to p.3, p.5 and p.6) Ukrtelecom JSC and the Company-applicant test connections of the Company-applicant’s equipment to the Ukrtelecom JSC IP network.
  8. After positive test results have been obtained and the company-applicant has recalculated the advance fee Ukrtelecom JSC activates the service.
  9. Written requests concerning new equipment connections by the Operator, low percentage of call terminations and  other technical problems are addressed to First Deputy Chairman of the Board.

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