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Network Transit

General provisions

1. Network transit service (hereinafter  referred to as the Service) is designed to provide the clients (legal entities), telecommunications providers and other telecommunications operators with constant Internet access through the ports of nodes in the data network of Ukrtelecom JSC and external Internet channels.

2. On the Ukrtelecom edge the ports 100BaseFX and 1000Base SX (LX) are used for the connection of the subscriber.

3. The service consists in the channel arrangement between equipment on the subscriber’s edge and Ukrtelecom JSC with the use of optical fibers in fiber optic cable.

4. In order to connect to the UkrtelecomJSC network, 100BaseFX or 1000Base SX (LX) equipment is installed on the subscriber’s edge.

5. When connecting the subscriber to the UkrtelecomJSC network, an IP-address is given to his installation interface (a block of 4 addresses) and BGP4 routing protocol is provided.

6. The port speed can only be a multiple of 5 Mbps:

1 Mbps = 1000 Kbps = 1000000 bps.

7. The port speed can be changed once per billing period (month) at the request of the subscriber. The subscriber must send an order to change the port speed to Ukrtelecom no later than 3 days before the end of the billing period.

8. To receive the service or to change its parameters the subscriber must fill out the order form wherein the desired service parameters should be specified.

9. The order form is an integral part of the agreement.

10. In the process of the connection of the subscriber the desired routing table type in the Ukrtelecom network must be defined:

- complete table;

- routing table of the Ukrtelecom network and the networks of the subscribers connected to it;

- default route.

11. The subscriber must provide Ukrtelecom with the list of routes it will use.

12. Service fee is charged from the day of connection.

13. Rates for Network Transit service are applied only for physical ports with the fixed (ordered) speed. However, regardless of the amount of physical ports with different speeds and in different residential areas connected by one provider, the cost of one physical port is set according to the fixed rate for the speed of one physical port.

14. Service fee is set for every port separately. The combined speed of the ports is not taken into account when the price is formed.

Rates for the Network Transit service

No. of an item  Position
Service and payment type  Rate of pay  Charge rate (VAT-excluded), UAH

Connection to a Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet port.

Single, for one port  1.250,00 
Network Transit 

Subscriber fee for the use of the port (exclusively of incoming and outgoing traffic volume) with symmetrical speed of 5 Mbps and BGP4 routing.

month 2.500,00 

Subscriber fee (SF) for the use of the port (exclusively of incoming and outgoing traffic volume) with symmetrical speed from 6 to 100 Mbps (determined by the formula: S – port speed, R – charge rate for the port speed (5 Mbps) mentioned in article 2 point 2).

month SFs = S/5×R×(1 – 0,025×S/5)

Subscriber fee for the use of the port (exclusively of incoming and outgoing traffic volume) with symmetrical speed of more than 100 Mbps.

month contractual price 

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