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Traffic Exchange

Standard requirements for non-resident companies and terms and conditions for Ukrtelecom JSC VoIP services after International traffic termination.

  1. A company-applicant submits a written application of optional form addressed to Mr. Novikov Dmitriy, Acting Director of Ukrtelecom Branch of Centralized Sales, requesting VoIP international telecommunication service (address: 18,Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine, the Branch of Centralized Sales of Ukrtelecom JSC).

  2. A company-applicant has to submit the following set of documents to Ukrtelecom JSC:

    • Company's Registration Certificate;
    • Company's Central office address;
    • document, authorizing a person to sign a telecommunication service agreement (Charter, Provisions of the Charter, Letter of Attorney);
    • identity document of a company representative who signs a telecommunication service agreement.

    All the documents mentioned above should be witnessed under the Law of the country of issue, translated into Ukrainian or Russian, legalized, notarized and apostillized.
  3. After the required submitted documents have been considered Ukrtelecom JSC issues and sends the international telecommunication service draft agreement to the company-applicant. At the same time Ukrtelecom JSC provides the company-applicant with the technical requirements for services applied for.

  4. The Parties approve the text of the international telecommunication service agreement (during working meetings, via official correspondence, e-mail and fax communication) and sign it.

  5. On the stage of execution of the agreement Ukrtelecom JSC together with a Company-applicant may test connections of the Company-applicant’s equipment to the Ukrtelecom JSC IP-network.

  6. After positive test results have been obtained and a Company-applicant has recalculated the advance fee Ukrtelecom JSC starts their service.

Contact person:

Ms. Kateryna Nakonechna – Head of the International Carrier Relations Division, Branch of Centralized Sales, Ukrtelecom JSC

Tel: +380 44 235 9152

Fax: +380 44 235 5178


Ukrtelecom JSC
Mail address: 18, Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine