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Conditions of Providing Open Access Service

Ukrtelecom JSC offers to the subscribers of its own telephone network the Open Access service, which consists in providing dial-up access to the Internet network from the computer connected to the telephone line on the conditions stated below with no written agreement being concluded. 

The right to order OPEN ACCESS service may be possessed by an Ukrtelecom’s subscriber or a person who uses services with a subscriber’s permission (hereinafter – the “User”).  Ukrtelecom JSC activates the OPEN ACCESS service after the User has notified of his consent to support the service according to these conditions by pressing the “Agree with Conditions” button. 

As concerns OPEN ACCESS, Ukrtelecom JSC undertakes to:

  • Provide the dial-up Internet access service OPEN ACCESS in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Telecommunications and the Rules for the provision and receipt of telecommunicatiosn services approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 11, 2012 No. 295 (hereinafter – the “Rules”).
  • Provide the User with the Internet access during connection of the User’s computer with the Ukrtelecom’s Internet server by telephone line via common modem.
  • Render round-the-clock service support by the phone 0-800-506-800 (with calls from Ukrtelecom’s network being free of charge).
  • Provide comprehensive information on the Internet servers access numbers and the rates for the OPEN ACCESS service on the site and by the service support phone 0-800-506-800.
  • Notify the User of the rates adjustment not less than 7 days prior thereto by entering the appropriate information in the invoices on Ukrtelecom’s telecommunication services and/or the site, as well as by delivering thereof to the customs service stations, Telecomservice offices, etc. 
  • Present information on the services used by the User on his home page in the self-service system in Section OPEN ACCESS/statistics.
  • Provide User with opportunity to manage the service (i.e. to choose and change plans and order value-added services) from the User’s home page on
  • Calculate the cost of the services used by the User according to the chosen plan.
  • Include the price of OPEN ACCESS services used during a calendar month in the invoices on Ukrtelecom’s telecommunication services.
  • Impose/lift  prohibition on provision of OPEN ACCESS via telephone line of the Ukrtelecom subscriber upon his (subscriber) written request.

Usage of and payment for the OPEN ACCESS service

The User of the OPEN ACCESS service should be a subscriber of the Ukrtelecom’s telephone network or a person who uses the services only with a subscriber’s permission.

Ukrtelecom JSC determines value of the OPEN ACCESS services used by the User according to plan chosen thereby and includes the payment amount for the previous month in the telecommunication services invoice.  

If different plans were in operation during a month, the subscriber fee and the number of package hours in subscriber fee for each plan shall be determined proportionally to number of days of specific plan usage. 

The payment of the invoice, which includes the value of OPEN ACCESS services used during the previous month, shall be made by Ukrtelecom subscriber not later than 20th day of the current month.

If the payment does not arrive till the first day of the following month, Ukrtelecom JSC shall have the right to suspend provision of the OPEN ACCESS service.

In case of untimely payment for the provided OPEN ACCESS services, pursuant to paragraphs 72 and 78 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services, Ukrtelecom JSC is entitled to charge and the subscriber is obliged to pay a fine calculated subject to the value of unpaid services in the amount of rate of the National Bank of Ukraine valid during the period when the fine is charged.

Ukrtelecom JSC undertakes to renew the OPEN ACCESS service suspended due to the indebtedness at the latest within 2 business days from payment receipt date, including the fine, if it is charged.

The User agrees that

  1. The User is fully responsible for non-compliance with ethic and legal norms of Internet use.
  2. User bears responsibility and risks connected with the use of information resources that may result in unauthorized international telephone connections during the use of OPEN ACCESS.  Recommendations on the safety of Internet browsing are set forth on Ukrtelecom’s site. 
  3. Ukrtelecom JSC shall have the right to change rates and conditions of providing OPEN ACCESS service having notified thereof not less than 7 days prior to such change by entering this information in the invoices on telecommunication services and/or the sites,, as well as by delivering it to Telecomservice offices and shared stations. User continuation of services usage shall be understood as User consent to abovementioned changes.
  4. Ukrtelecom JSC is entitled to use the address specified by the User when registering on to notify the User of the change of rates for and/or conditions of providing the OPEN ACCESS service.
  5. Ukrtelecom JSC has a right to terminate the OPEN ACCESS service in case of discovering the violation or attempted violation by the User of normal operation of Internet elements (subscriber’s computers or terminals, active network equipment and software, etc.).
  6. According to paragraphs 38, 54, 55, 78 of the Rules, in case of untimely payment of invoices on the services provided, Ukrtelecom JSC shall have the right to reduce the list of services provided (i.e. to limit outgoing connections or use of services) or terminate local communication services and/or other kinds of telecommunication services.  The non-payment for the received telecommunication services may become a reason for the unilateral termination of agreement between Ukrtelecom and subscriber. 
  7. In case of force-majeur circumstances or actions of third parties aimed at termination or violation of OPEN ACCESS operation, the service may be temporarily terminated without prior notification of the User. 
  8. The User has no right to demand the reimbursement of lost profit or damages that occurred due to the possibility or impossibility of using the OPEN ACCESS service from Ukrtelecom JSC.

By pressing the “Agree with Conditions” button you may notify Ukrtelecom JSC on your consent to receive the OPEN ACCESS service on the abovementioned conditions.  Pursuant to the Civil Code of Ukraine, thereby you actually conclude with Ukrtelecom JSC the agreement on the provision of the OPEN ACCESS service.

If you do not need the dial-up Internet access service or do not agree to use the OPEN ACCESS service on the abovementioned conditions, please press the “Not Agree with Conditions” button.

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