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Customer Equipment Requirements

Customer equipment requirements and settings

Customer equipment (laptop, netbook, PDA, smartphone, etc .) must be equipped with IEEE 802.11 b/g adapter, regardless of the manufacturer. The adapter can be either built into the terminal equipment, or it can be external, which, in this case, must be installed as an add-on module: PC Card interface, USB or mini-PCI mainly for laptops, and Compact Flesh cards primarily for PDAs.

If the adapter is correctly installed and switched on, there will appear an icon of the connection status and signal level in the lower right corner of the screen and/or the light turns on the housing of the device. If the icon is crossed out in red, a wireless device is unavailable. A low signal occurs in case of unacceptable distance to the access point or the presence of interference. In this case, you should choose a place in a wireless area of a selected hotspot with the higher signal level.

In order to establish a connection between the terminal equipment and the access point it is necessary to provide the correct configuration of the operating system of the customer equipment.

Windows XP configuration

Customer equipment with Windows XP should automatically find available wireless access points in any place

  • click "WIRELESS NETWORK CONNECTION" icon and select “UKRTELECOM” from the list of available networks.
  • allow connection to the selected wireless networks, even if there is insufficient security is provided
  • check the status and propertiesof your wireless connection. There should be the following parameters of TCP/IP protocol: "get IP address: automatic", "get  DNS server address: automatic".

Windows 98, Windows Millenium, Windows 2000 Pro configuration

These operating systems do not support automatic setup of the wireless connection, so you must set up the following parameters:

  • using the setup program for Wi-Fi-adapters of the customer equipment, enter the network name “UKRTELECOM” in “ESSID” field, or select “UKRTELECOM” in "SITE SURVEY" menu.
  • check the status of your wireless connection and its properties. There should be the following parameters of TCP/IP protocol:"get IP address: automatic", "get DNS server address: automatic”.
  • reboot.

If after setup the login page is unavailable you should check setup of your Internet browser. For Internet Explorer:

  • in "TOOLS", "INTERNET OPTIONS", "CONNECTIONS" menus check whether there are no additional connections used for the Internet connection.
  • in "LAN SETTINGS" menu select "Use of auto setup and proxy server scenarios."

Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) configuration

  • go to "NETWORK" menu (Main Menu / System Preferences / Network).
  • activate Wi-Fi adapter by clicking "Turn AirPort on."
  • in "NETWORK NAME" window select "UKRTELECOM" network.
  • go to "ADVANCED" menu, choose "UKRTELECOM" network and set "Using DHCP" option in "TCP/IP" submenu. 


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