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Internet Phone

Internet Phone provides Ukrtelecom customers with an opportunity to enjoy fixed telephony service provided over IP-based network with the allocation of a number with prefix "892" regardless of their location. The only requirement is the Internet access. The service is provided via VoIP technology* (IP telephony) using SIP**.

Internet Phone is a phone number with prefix "892".

Advantages and benefits:

  • A single number that is always with you, you just have to be connected to the Internet
  • Saving on telecommunications services
  • Rates remain the same regardless of your location
  • Special offers for Ukrtelecom Internet subscribers
  • Fee for the Internet Phone is included in the monthly bill for Ukrtelecom's telecommunications services
  • No need to purchase additional equipment – you can talk using your PC, smartphone, and tablet with SIP-client installed***

Choose a plan and enjoy advantages of the Internet Phone.

Internet Phone Unlimited includes unlimited calls to the Internet Phone numbers (with prefix "892") as well as one hour of calls to mobile numbers and over 16 hours of calls to fixed-line numbers throughout Ukraine.

Internet Phone Basic includes unlimited calls to the Internet Phone numbers (with prefix "892") and 5 hours of calls to fixed-line numbers throughout Ukraine.

 Internet Phone Simple is low monthly fee and unlimited calls to the Internet phone numbers (with prefix "892").

You may order the service on My Ukrtelecom website (for Ukrtelecom Internet subscribers) or in Ukrtelecom Service Centers in your city.


for VoIP (IP-telephony) services using SIP

for subscribers who activated the Internet Phone before February 12, 2015


Fee, UAH (including VAT)

For Ukrtelecom Internet subscribers

For Ukrtelecom fixed-line subscribers

Subscription fee for 30 calendar days

For the use of the first SIP number

free of charge


For the use of the following SIP numbers



Calls from SIP numbers

Calls to SIP numbers, min

free of charge

Calls to fixed-line numbers in Ukraine:

up to 2000 minutes (over a period of 30 calendar days), per minute



over 2000 minutes (over a period of 30 calendar days), per minute



Calls to TriMob mobile numbers, per minute



Calls to other mobile numbers, per minute



Calls to fixed-line and mobile numbers abroad

according to current rates

Note: Calls from SIP numbers to abbreviated numbers are unavailable

Call duration measurement and billing unit is 1 second. For convenience, the cost of services is listed in minutes.

* VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technology of real-time delivery of media data using a family of protocols that provide transfer of voice signals over IP-networks.

** SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a session initiation protocol, the standard for the method of subscriber session initiation and termination, including the exchange of voice data or other multimedia content using SIP.

*** SIP-client is a softphone. It is a software product installed on subscriber’s a PC, tablet or smartphone, and connected to the Internet, which allows making and receiving voice calls (calls to PSTN) using SIP.

The calls are rated on per-second basis. For convenience, all rates are stated a s per minute.

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