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Internet Phone Unlimited


  • use of a SIP number (892)
  • unlimited calls to the Internet Phone (with prefix “892”) subscribers
  • 1 hour of calls to mobile numbers every month
  • 16,7 hours of long-distance calls every month
  • Advanced package of value-added services
Service Fee, UAH (including VAT)
Monthly subscription fee includes: 55.90
    · calls to the Internet Phone subscribers (numbers with prefix "892") unlimited
    · long-distance calls 16,7 hours
    · calls to mobile numbers throughout Ukraine 1 hour
Long-distance calls exceeding the limit, per minute 0.43
Calls to mobile numbers throughout Ukraine exceeding the limit, per minute 1.20


1. The plan is available from 19.06.2015. Minimum duration – till 30.06.2015.

2. Accounting and billing of telephone calls are made on a per-second basis

3. Long-distance telephony and international telephony are provided depending on technical feasibility and are paid for under the current rates set by Ukrtelecom.

4. In case of activation or transfer to another plan, subscriber gets subscription fee proportionally to the number of days of service provision under the Internet Phone Unlimited in the current calendar month (billing period).

5. In case of activation or transfer to the Internet Phone Unlimited plan, subscriber is provided with the full limit of free calls regardless of the number of days remaining until the end of the current calendar month (billing period).

6. The limit unused during the current calendar month cannot be used in the following calendar month.

7. You may transfer from the Internet Phone Unlimited plan to Internet Phone Basic or Internet Phone Simple . The limit unused under the Internet Phone Unlimited plan cannot be used under the Internet Phone Basic plan.

8. You may change a plan once per calendar month.

9. Under the Internet Phone service provision, private customers who choose Internet Phone Unlimited plan get Advanced package of value-added services:

  • Call Forwarding Always (CFA);
  • Call Forwarding Busy (CFB);
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable (CFNR);
  • Call Forwarding No Reply (CFNR);
  • black/white lists;
  • Do Not Disturb mode;
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • wake-up service;
  • Caller ID
  • call completion on forwarding;
  • Hold mode;
  • new call notification.

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