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Phone Installation

The procedure for phone installation shall be determined by the Rules of providing and receiving telecommunication services approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated April 11, 2012 No. 295.

To install the telephone set, a consumer has to address a structural unit of Ukrtelecom JSC at his/her place of residence and submit the relevant application.  The application for home phone installation shall be accepted from an owner (co-owner) or the person registered at this address if the following documents are available:

  • document certifying the ownership of the living accommodations;
  • document on the registration of place of residence in Ukraine;
  • document confirming the privileges (if necessary);
  • identification code of a natural person-taxpayer;
  • documents on the lawfulness of residence in Ukraine (if necessary).

On the basis of the abovementioned documents, application shall be registered and satisfied, if technically feasible. Applications for the installation of home phones from the citizens of privileged categories shall be registered and satisfied on the privileged basis only at place of residence (place of residence means residence building, apartment, premises where the natural person resides over 6 months per year provided that this information is entered into his passport).  The priority for telephone installation shall be specified according to the application date.  The priority of home telephone installation for the citizens having privileges within respective groups (out-of-turn, priority or preferential right) shall be specified by the date of submitting documents that confirm these privileges.

If the applicant has no privilege of top-priority telephone installation and there is no technical feasibility to satisfy his application pursuant to the waiting list, he may be given the right to the out-of-turn conclusion of the agreement on telecommunication services with the Company when the technical feasibility appears provided that the construction of telecommunication network, to which the consumer’s terminal equipment is connected, would be invested in as provided by Article 64 of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications” by taking Ukrtelecom’s option over.

Rates for installation, re-installation and re-execution of the Telephone Usage Agreement for subscribers (natural persons) of local telephone network in cities, villages and urban-type settlements
from 16.09.2014

Service Fee, incl. VAT, non-recurring 
Access to public telecommunications network (phone installation) from:
     · private line
UAH 84.00
     · party line
UAH 84.00
Re-installation of main and extension phone set
     · inside one building
UAH 72.00
     · to another building
UAH 84.00
Re-execution of the Phone Usage Agreement
     · when the subscriber moves to a new place of residence covered by one operator
UAH 36.00
     · when the subscriber moves to premises equipped with telephone covered by another operator UAH 84.00
     · to the advantage of a family member or co-owner of an apartment at the written request of subscriber or in case of death of the subscriber
UAH 36.00
     · when the applicant inherits an apartment equipped with telephone
UAH 36.00
     · reassign a telephone for a new owner at the written request of the subscriber who had ancillary rights to use and dispose of a phone line in accordance with the law
UAH 36.00

  1. The payment is effected in accordance with the Maximum Rates for public telecommunications services.

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