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VSEsvit Plus Cards

VSEsvit Plus Cards are Easy, Friendly and Cost Effective!

VSEsvit Plus card is a universal prepaid telecommunications card. This card allows special rates for Ukrtelecom JSC telecommunication services all over Ukraine.

VSEsvit Plus permits the following services:

  1. Long-distance and international calls from any available telephone set in Ukraine.
  2. Internet dial-up access.
  3. Wi Fi - within the Ukrtelecom JSC coverage areas.
  4. Control your balance and connection records on the site.
  5. Card services are available in any locality within Ukraine wherever you buy the card.

VSEsvit Plus cards are at the price of 12, 24 and 48 UAH. Each card contains Personal Identification Number (PIN), which should be protected by a cover. During card activation as soon as a user puts in his/her PIN for the first time his telephone bill is set up immediately on the amount equal to the card price. The user is getting VSEsvit Plus services till the card bill is exhausted or the date of the card is expired. When Internet access, PIN is used for login and as a password.

Attention! Keep in secret your PIN!
Don’t buy cards with damaged protective cover!

Period of card validity is limited and depends on its value. The card operation time starts from the moment of its activation but not from the date of its purchase. Expiration date for the cards at the price of 12 and 24 UAH makes six months from the date of its activation; the card at the price of 48 UAH will be expired in a year after its activation. The deadline of the card activation is indicated on the card back.

You can buy VSEsvit Plus card at Service Points or at voucher sellers.

Attention! Extention of card validity or return of unused funds to client in the event of  expiration of  card (scratch card) validity is not available.

Call at 0-800-506-800 for twenty-four-hour prepaid VSEsvit Plus service support. Calls within the Ukrtelecom network are free.

Warning! You cannot send fax or transfer data with the help of VSEsvit Plus card.

Ukrtelecom JSC
Mail address: 18, Tarasa Shevchenka Blvd., Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine