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Long Distance and International Connections

Long Distance and International Connections by VSEsvit Plus Cards

VSEsvit Plus cards allow long distance, international connections and calls to mobile subscribers in Ukraine:

  • from any fixed line telephone installed at home or at an enterprise (from individual,  office, hotel, friends’, neighbors’ fixed telephones, etc.) even if access to the international line via "0" is blocked (category 3 of automated number identification) and connection fee by the card is not included into the bill of the fixed telephone owner;
  • from pay-phones (pay-phone card is not required);
  • from mobile phones of Ukrainian and international mobile operators* (if operators support access to numbers 8 800).

*The cost of mobile calls to 8-800 shall be verified at the corresponding mobile operator.

The service is provided using IP-technology in accordance with special rates. Using  VSEsvit Plus card you save 30% of your long distance and international phone bill.

What is required for the service access? Your telephone should be equipped with the key " * " or Tone/Pulse changer to change the mode from pulse to tone (rotary dial phones do not have such feature).

How to Use VSEsvit PlusCards

  • Thoughtfully read the instruction on the card back.
  • Carefully remove a protective cover (do not use sharp objects) – you will find your personal identification number (PIN) under it.
  • Call free 0-800-506-001.

Follow the voce prompts of the system after connection:

  1. Select the tone dialing mode if necessary with the "*" key or Tone/Pulse changer in Tone position.
  2. Select the language.
  3. Put in your PIN (16 characters under the protective cover) and push the key #. If you made a mistake in your PIN, you will get a message and proposal to put the PIN in again. After three failed attempts to put in the PIN, the connection will be terminated.
  4. After your PIN has been successfully put in, you will get a message about your balance.
  5. Dial "0" and just after this dial the following:
    • for long-distance call – dial a city code and subscriber’s number, then push the key "#";
    • for international call – dial 0, the country code and subscriber’s number, then push the key "#";
    • for mobile subscribers – dial an operator’s code and subscriber’s number, then push the key "#".
  6. The system analyses your connection rate and informs you how long you can speak according to your balance.
  7. If the connection is successful, the system controls the duration of your call and terminates it if your balance is expired.
  8. If the subscriber is not available, you get a voice prompt: "Subscriber is not available now" or "The line is busy". In this case you can redial the number by pushing the key "#" or dial another number. The system will prompt you respectively.

If you need to make more than one call, do not terminate the connection after the first call. After the subscriber you have called to replaces the receiver, the system proposes you to dial another number. You do not need to listen the system prompts to the end; you can simply dial your PIN number immediately interrupting the voice prompt.

In the case the VSEsvit Plus card service is not available, you have to call to VSEsvit Plus customer support service at 0-800-506-800 (the number is on the card back). Calls to this number are free within the Ukrtelecom JSC network. To find out the reasons of the service unavailability you have to call the operator and tell him/her the number and value of the card, date, hour and conditions under which you tried to get the service.

The operator has to check you information in the database and inform you why the VSEsvit Plus service appeared to be unavailable.

VSEsvit Plus Card Validity

The final activation date is indicated on the card. The card is activated as soon as the user calls by the number 0-800-506-001 for the first time and puts in his PIN. Then cards of 12 and 24 UAH value are valid during six months and cards of 48 UAH value are valid during a year.

Control of Balance and Connection Records

You can control your balance and connection records on the site To enter your personal home page you have to be authorized on the site: enter your login (first eight characters of your PIN) and password (last 8 characters of your PIN) in the left screen side.

Info! You cannot send fax or transfer data with the help of VSEsvit Plus card.

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