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Wi-Fi Internet

for Wi-Fi Internet Access by Ukrtelecom JSC Prepaid VSEsvit Plus Cards

Service Cost of prepaid VSEsvit Plus card in UAH, VAT inclusive Fee per 1 MB of input and output information, UAH
Card term of validity from the actuation moment
Wi-Fi Internet access 12.00  0-047 6 months
24.00  0-023 6 months
48.00  0-016 12 months

The rates are 20% VAT inclusive.


1. Charging unit is 1MB (1MB = 1024 KB).

2. When topping up accounts, VSEsvit Card Plus validity period extends for the term that depends onnominal value of scratch card. At this services are charged according to rates of the VSEsvit Plus Card.

After 19 June 2010 rates for Ukrtelecom Wi-fi network use viaany and all VSEsvit Plus cards regardless of their date of acquisition, shall be as given in the table.

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