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International Projects

The geographical location of Ukraine is quite advantageous in the view of access to the telecommunication networks of the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.  This provides that Ukraine takes active part in many international telecommunication projects.

Ukrtelecom is a co-owner of 14 international submarine transmission systems - APRODITE-2, BALTICA, BSFOCS, CADMOS, CANTAT-3, COLUMBUS III, FLAG, ITUR, ODIN, RIOJA, SEA-ME-WE 2, SEA-ME-WE 3, TAT-12/TAT-13, UGARIT and TEL/TAE communication systems. 

Flow chart 1. International submarine communication lines

Flow chart 2. International submarine communication lines

Flow chart 3. International submarine communication lines

For two submarine systems - ITUR and BSFOCS – Ukrtelecom acts as the Terminal Party and is in charge for the operational condition of the equipment at the Karolino-Bugaz station.

ITUR system (Italy-Turkey-Ukraine-Russia) is the international submarine fibre-optic communication line with 3500 km extension.  The system was put into operation on August 26, 1996.  It enables Ukraine to provide access to Mediterranean and Transatlantic cable systems and connects Ukraine with Turkey, Italy and with the whole world through these countries.

BSFOCS system (Black Sea Fibre Optic Cable System) with the line length of about 2000 km connects Bulgaria, Ukraine and Russia.  Since September 1, 2001, this system is under the commercial operation.  It makes possible for Ukraine to get an access to the Transcaucasia and European countries. 

For the purposes of maintenance and repair of ITUR and BSFOCS systems, MECMA Agreement (the Mediterranean Cable Maintenance Agreement) has been signed. 

TAE (Trans-Asia-Europe fibre-optical cable system) is the longest system in the world with the international terrestrial line about 21,000 km.  It was laid from Frankfurt-am-Main to Shanghai (China) en route through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Hungary and Austria, and was put into operation in November 1998.

At present, the various services, i.e. telephone calls, high-speed data transmission, ISDM and Internet access services, are provided based on the arranged digital paths and channels through TAE FOCL and submarine systems.

The Ukrainian Side was appointed as a TAE System Administrator, and since December 1, 1999 performs administrative and control functions with respect to the maintenance and international traffic loading of all Member States of TAE project.

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